April 23, 2021

Episode 185 - The Dubbies From Home

From our home office to yours, it's the seventh edition of our year-in-review spectacular! 2020 was a weird year for everyone - including the film and TV industry - but there's still plenty to celebrate among the movies, shows, podcasts, and people that helped lift our spirits. It's comfies and casuals only at this award extravaganza...it's the Dubbies From Home!

This year's program of awards:

  • Most Watchable Performances
  • Worthiest Watches
  • Best Comeback
  • Most Unnecessary Throwback
  • Future WWWW Candidate
  • Most Nostalgic Moment
  • Best New Oldie
  • Best Performance by a Guest
  • Best Original Song in a Feature Film by a WWWW Guest
  • Spicetime Achievement Award
  • Best Original Song in a WWWW Episode
  • Best Performance by a Co-host
  • Best WWWW Episode of 2020

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