March 29, 2024


Grab a bag of Amazin' Fruit and some Gummiberry juice, because it's time for our Disney Afternoon bracket episode! Eight shows from the beloved after-school cartoon block compete to find out which one wins our hearts both then and now. And along the way, we'll talk crazy concepts, comical characters, and killer theme songs with the always-entertaining Manny Lozano. Woo-oo!

Shows included in the Disney Afternoon Toon-ament:

The Adventures of the Gummi Bears
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers
Darkwing Duck
Goof Troop
Quack Pack

March 8, 2024

Episode 225 - The 10th Annual Dubbie Awards

It's a decade of the Dubbies! Our annual awards expand for one night only in this very special milestone celebration. We'll recognize the best of 2023 in the entertainment world and on our own podcast, then double our fun with a whole set of retroactive awards and lifetime achievement honors. 

Oh, and did we mention the special celebrity presenters? All the stars are here for the 10th Annual Dubbie Awards!

This year's program of awards:

The Dubbies for 2023

  • Most Watchable Performances
  • Worthiest Watches
  • Best Comeback
  • Most Unnecessary Throwback
  • Future WWWW Candidate
  • Most Nostalgic Moment
  • Best New Oldie
  • Best Performance by a Guest
  • Best Performance by a Co-Host
  • Best WWWW Episode of 2023
Retroactive Dubbies

  • Never Too Soon For Nostalgia Award (2014)
  • Best Performance by a Guest (2014/2015)
  • Best Performance by a Co-Host (2014/2015)
  • Best WWWW Episode of 2014/2015
  • Cult Classic Award

Lifetime Achievement Awards

  • Guest
  • Co-Host
  • Episode