May 27, 2016


It's hard to believe we haven't yet run up against Lewis Carroll's most sturdy creation, given the ubiquity of Alice and her Wonderland friends across all forms of media since their literary debut. In this special bonus episode, we finally step through the looking glass to reminisce about Adventures in Wonderland--a whimsical workhorse of Disney Channel original programming.

Those who prefer their life lessons served with a little song and dance will enjoy this special bonus episode where we discuss the enduring appeal of Alice, edutainment, and flashy '90s fashion.

Adventures in Wonderland (1992-1995)
Produced by Andi Copley and Stan Brodsky
Based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Starring Elisabeth Harnois, John Hoffman, Wesley Mann, Armelia McQueen, Patrick Richwood, Robert Barry Fleming, Harry Waters Jr., Reece Holland, Richard Kuhlman, and John Lovelady

Episodes featured in the podcast:
"Herstory in the Making" (aired 3/23/1992)
"Pie Noon" (aired 2/28/1994)

May 20, 2016

Episode 54 - X-MEN (1992)

A highly serialized superhero adventure that harbored surprisingly mature themes, the animated X-Men was both ahead of its time and a herald of things to come. Along with our resident X-pert, Kevin Gutierrez, we reconnect with the robust roster of mutants and ponder the plotlines that haven't yet made it into the popular live-action films.

This ain't your little brother's Saturday morning cartoon, so cue the kickass theme song and get ready for another X-hilarating, X-citing, and X-cellent episode of WWWW!

X-Men (1992-1997)
Created by Mark Edward Edens, Sidney Iwanter, and Eric Lewald
Based on the comic by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Episodes featured in this podcast:

"Night of the Sentinels, Part 1" (aired 10/31/1992)
"Come the Apocalypse" (aired 2/27/1993)
"A Rogue's Tale" (aired 1/8/1994)
"Phoenix Saga, Part 1 - Sacrifice" (aired 9/5/1994)
"Phoenix Saga, Part 5 - Child of Light" (aired 9/9/1994)

May 6, 2016

Episode 53 - TV MOMS

The fifth commandment tells us: "Honor thy father and thy mother." Since we already gave the dads their due for Father's Day last year, it's only fitting that we show the same courtesy to the moms.

This episode is dedicated to two of our favorite TV matriarchs - Marge Simpson of The Simpsons and Kitty Forman of That '70s Show - and the exploration of sitcom motherhood in all of its husband-tolerating, offspring-embarrassing, and family-bonding facets. We're ready to declare ourselves full-fledged mama's boys with this Mother's Day special!

The Simpsons (1989- )
Created by Matt Groening

"The Springfield Connection"
Directed by Mark Kirkland
Written by John Collier
Aired May 7, 1995

"Marge Be Not Proud"
Directed by Steven Dean Moore
Written by Mike Scully
Aired December 17, 1995

That '70s Show (1998-2006)
Created by Bonnie & Terry Turner and Mark Brazill

"Hyde Moves In"
Directed by David Trainer
Written by Mark Hudis
Aired July 19, 1999

"Kitty and Eric's Night Out"
Directed by David Trainer
Written by Linda Wallem
Aired February 28, 2000