November 3, 2018

POLL: Choose WWWW's Next Christmas Movie

Calling all Christmas creeps! Help us decide our holiday screening! Vote for one of these four festive favorites featuring incredulous faces. The film with the most votes will be discussed on a future episode.

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November 2, 2018

Episode 128 - HOOK

Welcome back to Neverland, Pan the Man! Long considered a black sheep in Steven Spielberg's filmography, Hook is a touchstone for countless '90s kids who dreamed of living in an awesome treehouse and hanging out with Robin Williams. It's an all-out smorgasbord for the juvenile ego, full of insult battles, mincing pirates, and food-based weaponry.

It's also the perfect place to launch our latest themed month: the Robin Round Robin! In round one, Mr. Williams awakens the inner child in all of us, while special guest Brian Rudloff helps us recover some of our earliest movie-going memories. Bangarang!

Hook (1991)
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, and Gerald R. Molen
Written by Jim V. Hart and Malia Scotch Marmo
Based on Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie
Starring Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hoskins, Julia Roberts, Charlie Korsmo, Amber Scott, Caroline Goodall, Dante Basco, and Maggie Smith

October 26, 2018

Episode 127 - 'WEEN-A-THON 2018 feat. SHAQ

Shaq-tober concludes with an alley-oop to our annual Halloween tradition, as Shaq himself appears among the macabre morsels we've scared up for Ween-A-Thon!  Enjoy this witches' brew of Hallow-themed entertainment, from gross commercials to silly sitcoms to traumatizing educational aids.  Don't listen to it alone!

Featured in this episode:

Clips and Shorts
Shaquille O'Neal feat. Method Man and RZA - "No Hook" (1994)
Harold Dexter Hoopes' filmstrip of Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-SaĆ«ns (early 1960s)
Doctor Dreadful commercials - Food Lab, Drink Lab, and Squeem Lab (1994)

TV Episodes
Animaniacs - "Scare Happy Slappy/Witch One/Macbeth" (aired May 3, 1994)
Big Bad Beetleborgs - "Beetle Rock, Part II" (aired September 7, 1996)
Family Matters - "Stevil" (aired October 25, 1996)
Celebrity Deathmatch - "Haunted Halloween of Horror" (aired October 28, 1999)

October 19, 2018

Episode 126 - STEEL

Our Shaq-tober celebration continues with Steel, a movie featuring a Superman-adjacent hero who tries desperately to imitate Batman. The concept of a 7-foot African-American vigilante patrolling downtown Los Angeles in a high-tech metal suit seems both ahead of its time and a product of its time. Namely, the brief window where a newly-minted Laker and Superman superfan's media ambitions dovetailed with DC Comics' cinematic supremacy.

Slip into your Shaq-branded sneakers and get ready for some crime fighting on a budget as we watch Shaq try to turn Supes' sixth man into an MVP-worthy star as Steel!

Steel (1997)
Written and directed by Kenneth Johnson
Produced by Quincy Jones, David Salzman, and Joel Simon
Based on characters created by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove
Starring Shaquille O'Neal, Annabeth Gish, Judd Nelson, Ray J, Irma P. Hall, Hill Harper, and Richard Roundtree

October 5, 2018

Episode 125 - KAZAAM

It’s Shaq-Fu, Diesel, the Big Aristotle
About time you let me out the bottle
To spit like the colossal genie apostle
And a five thousand-year-old role model

Your deadbeat criminal dad’s a disgrace
I like to invade his airspace with my bass
Make it rain burgers after winning a bike race
And slam your momma’s French toast into your face

Pay attention even if you ain’t superstitious
I’m about to grant these three podcast wishes:
An episode so vicious, delicious, and auspicious
I’m true djinn, boy, my style’s never repetitious

Get ready for the original Shaq-tober jam
Courtesy my best friends Eric and Cam
Shout it over the air and across the land
I am…Kazaam!

Kazaam (1996)
Directed by Paul Michael Glaser
Produced by Bob Engelman, Scott Kroopf, and Paul Michael Glaser
Written by Christian Ford and Roger Soffer
Starring Shaquille O'Neal, Francis Capra, Ally Walker, James Acheson, Marshall Manesh, and John Costelloe

September 21, 2018


Comedy sequels rarely enjoy the longevity, let alone the renown, of their predecessors. Not so in the case of Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, an inspired follow-up that turns a fish-out-of-water tale into an underdog story with a funky fresh twist. Whoopi Goldberg puts on her inspirational teacher hat for the movie that courageously celebrates the true heroes of America's failing education system: show choirs.

Blythe Rudloff joins our mighty chorus to rap about the awesome power of musical performance. So if you want to be somebody and want to go somewhere, you gotta wake up and pay attention to this divine episode!

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)
Directed by Bill Duke
Produced by Scott Rudin and Dawn Steel
Written by James Orr & Jim Cruickshank and Judi Ann Mason
Based on characters created by Paul Rudnick
Starring Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Najimy, Wendy Makkenna, Mary Wickes, Lauryn Hill, Ryan Toby, Alanna Ubach, Barnard Hughes, Michael Jeter, Maggie Smith, and James Coburn

September 7, 2018

Episode 123 - LAST ACTION HERO

Last Action Hero had the misfortune of releasing a mere week after the hottest movie of 1993: “Big mistake!” As Jurassic Park signaled the dawn of a new age of special effects-driven spectacle, audiences understandably approached this uneven send-up of tired tropes with caution. When the trifecta of '80s action legends Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shane Black, and John McTiernan struggles to pump up your enthusiasm, you know it’s truly the end of an era.

So how does the film stand up today? Will it be remembered as a prescient example of the meta deconstruction that now permeates pop culture? Does it succeed as a pastiche of Arnie's on-screen persona? Grab your magical movie ticket and step into this episode with us to find out!

Last Action Hero (1993)
Directed by John McTiernan
Produced by John McTiernan and Steve Roth
Written by Shane Black and David Arnott
Story by Zak Penn and Adam Leff
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austin O'Brien, Charles Dance, Robert Prosky, Tom Noonan, Bridgette Wilson, F. Murray Abraham, Anthony Quinn, Mercedes Ruehl, Frank McRae, and Art Carney