August 25, 2022


A half-forgotten entrant in the '90s anthropomorphic hero team craze, Warriors of Virtue put its own dreamlike spin on the TMNT/MMPR formula with a healthy dose of Daoist philosophy and wuxia wire-fighting wizardry. 

Confused by the concept of kung fu kangaroos? Do not think thoughts! Just do the right thing and come along with us on this campily wholesome ride.

Warriors of Virtue (1997)
Directed by Ronny Yu
Written by Michael Vickerman and Hugh Kelly
Starring Mario Yedidia, Angus Macfayden, Marley Shelton, Chao-Li Chi, Dennis Dun, Michael J. Anderson, Tom Towles, and suit performers Jack Tate, Don W. Lewis. J. Todd Adams, Adrienne Corcoran, and Doug Jones

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