March 9, 2018

Episode 108 - AIR BUD

For a film about a basketball-playing dog, Air Bud features a shockingly small amount of basketball, instead focusing on disgruntled clowns, mourning families, dissembling janitors, and exasperated judges. It's an exercise in patience as the movie's twin goals of responsible pet ownership and youth sports supremacy inch along in parallel, before finally entangling in a glorious climax that reveals, once and for all, the basketball rulebook's lack of provisions against canine participation.

Kevin Chu, host of the Slurp podcast, makes his WWWW debut to help us identify the maddening yet effective tropes at the heart of this textbook example of family entertainment.

Air Bud (1997)
Directed by Charles Martin Smith
Produced by Robert Vince and William Vince
Written by Paul Tamasay and Aaron Mendelsohn
Starring Kevin Zegers, Wendy Makkena, Michael Jeter, Eric Christmas, Brendan Fletcher, Bill Cobbs, and "Air Buddy"

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