January 12, 2018


All work and no play makes Cam and Eric dull boys, so we're looking back at a bunch of our most memorable playthings in this well-deserved commercial break. Whether they showcased one of our prized possessions or gave us a tantalizing glimpse of a coveted item, these extremely effective ads stuck in our heads well past childhood.

In this 30-second-spot barrage, we revisit fads like POGs and virtual pets, submit dispatches from the Nerf wars, and vehemently dispute the nomenclature of Socker (Sock 'Em?) Boppers. This episode is more fun than a pillow fight!

Ads featured in this episode:
Super Crocodile Mile
Sega Genesis
Nano Pets
My Pal 2
McDonald's Power Rangers Power Coin Packs
Nerf Max Force
Socker/Sock 'Em Boppers

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