January 30, 2015


Dragged through development, animated overseas on the cheap, and unceremoniously dumped onto home video without an American theatrical release, The Brave Little Toaster's production history practically mirrors the experience of its protagonists - a group of five outdated home appliances left behind at a vacation cottage to gather dust and contemplate their own obsolescence.

Those appliances, however, rage against the dying of the light - as so has the film, as repeated airings on cable revealed its influence on the most affecting films of animation's modern high-tech era.  Echoes of The Brave Little Toaster are present in later masterpieces like Toy Story and The Iron Giant, and its sturdy emotional blueprint is still admired by generations of fans and filmmakers.  Indeed, one person's trash is another's treasure - and this BLT is a gem.

The Brave Little Toaster (1987)
Directed by Jerry Rees
Produced by Donald Kushner and Thomas L. Wilhite
Written by Jerry Rees and Joe Ranft
Based on the novella The Brave Little Toaster by Thomas Disch
Starring Deanna Oliver, Timothy E. Day, Tim Stack, Jon Lovitz, and Thurl Ravenscroft

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